NOT A PENNY MORE for the energy sources of the past

On December 12th, two years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, France hosted an international summit called “Finance and Climate”.

We mobilized to send a clear message to the summit participants: not a penny more for the energy sources of the past!



Photo albums from the actions:

People’s Tribunal

Mobilisation at the Panthéon

We have our work cut out for us: greenhouse gases are continuing to rise while countries, development agencies and banks continue to fund the fossil fuel industry and the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure. The world’s public and private financiers are backing false solutions, with natural gas and nuclear power in the forefront.

Maintaining global warming below 2°C — our best chance for a livable planet, requires a dramatic and rapid shift off fossil fuels. That means stopping fossil fuel funding now: We must not allow a penny more to go to activities that are destroying the planet. Funding must also be fully redirected in support of a transition toward just and sustainable societies., Alternatiba, Amis de la Terre France, ANV-COP21, Attac France, Bizi!CRID,  Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme,  Réseau Action Climat France, Oxfam France,  REFEDD prepared an action on December 12 to make our voices heard.


10 december

People’s Tribunal heard testimonies from people impacted by fossil fuel projects, and judged their finance as climate crime.

12 december

We met at sunrise for a mass movement in iconic Paris so that our voices could be heard loud and clear and to appeal to France and the international community to finally take action and to demand that France lead by example.


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#PasUnEuroDePlus #NotAPennyMore